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[LumpofSugar] Hello,good-bye February 12, 2011

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hey guys i’m back lol XD

it’s been a year since my last post :p

since my blog always got spam comment so i decided to took some hiatus,but looks like i’m over-hiatus XDD

anyway to celebrate my back,for today i’ll share one of my VN

yes like the tittle say “Hello,good-bye” producted by one of my favorite company “Lump of Sugar”.

i love their works…the artwork is so clean and the BGM is so match with the event that happen 😀

Release : 2010/12/17
Genre : 仮定日本近代史ADV
File Size : 3.1GB
Romaji : Hello,good-bye
Official site


In a distant Japan, civil unrest has divided the country into two conflicting governing factions, United provinces of Japan and Japan Federation. As weapons develop, the damage only worsens on the country as a whole. Thus the leader of the two parties agreed to a ceasefire treaty. The treaty, declared on the area Morino, was then named Morino Ceasefire Treaty and has been honored for a hundred years.

Toubu Kaito, or rather the agent undercover, is to infiltrate the neutral grounds Morino and gather intelligence for the United provinces of Japan. Upon arrival, he reports to his school first, Tenshudo Academy. Notified that registration will be tomorrow, he wonders around town to get familiar with the landscape. He ends up at the Morino peace memorial park where he meets a girl.

“Good afternoon. Or rather ‘nice to meet you’…hmm I guess technically speaking it should be ‘Good evening’? My name is Yukishiro May, how do you do. And you are?”

Taken aback by May’s smile, the agent slipped the “truth” through his words:

“Toubu…Kaito. At least while I am here.”

Little does he know that this reply would change his fate forever.


since this game is still protected,you need to do this following step in order to play it 😀

1. instal this file

2. Extract the package to any folder.

3. Open Command Prompt and navigate to the game installation folder and run “HGB.exe /runbyhashcheck”. This will load a virtual drive in “My Computer” to check the hash of the game files.

4. Now execute s_pk2.exe to pause the checking process.

5. Then execute i_pk2.exe and choose the source (the virtual drive) and a destination (any folder). This will copy the unencrypted game files.

6. When finished copying, execute r_pk2.exe to resume the checking process. (You don’t need to kill the process from task manager but to wait until it finish checking).

7. You can now run the game from the unencrypted game files.

PS: don’t forget to setting your regional to japan


the dl link is currently on torrent,will UL it to other site if i have time (so lazy-/vendingmachined)

if you have trouble when install the game feel free to tell me,i’ll help you step by step

Remember to support the company by buying their game after you play it


koharu-chan~ ❤ :3


6 Responses to “[LumpofSugar] Hello,good-bye”

  1. Azure Hoshizora Says:

    BTW, cross, is this translated?

  2. kurossu Says:

    not yet nyan
    this game is just out few months ago lol

  3. kyonryan Says:

    Please seed the torrent….its not moving at all…>.<

  4. fgghjjkll Says:

    Can’t seem to get it working. 😦
    I get a “pk2.exe not found” when launching i_pk2.exe D:
    Any ideas?
    Also, no virtual drive pops up when I run “HGB.exe /runbyhashcheck”

  5. kurossu Says:

    already download the file that i attached there?? xp

  6. otchief Says:

    hello, I’m having the same problem of “pk2.exe not found”. I installed the game, and follow your instructions, but when executing the “s_pk2.exe” I get “pk2.exe not found”.

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